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Member Directory Profile Galleries

Learn how your members can add a media carousel of images and videos to their online directory profile

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The online directory is a valuable benefit you provide to your members. You can further enhance that benefit and increase your opportunity to monetize the directory by offering members the ability to add media to their listings with a Directory Gallery!

Enable the Directory Gallery

By default, directory galleries are not available until you choose to enable them. This way, you maintain oversight and are prepared to manage member-driven content on your directories.

Update Member Fields Settings

To make directory media galleries available for your members’ online listings, from the backend go to the Member Fields tab under Fields:

Choose the level of visibility to the Directory Gallery by clicking in the field columns.

  • Galleries can apply to company or individual records (if shown in a directory). Look for the company or person icon in the Member Fields list (see screenshot above).

  • Show On Backend means that you can see and manage this field as an admin. If this is the only column checked, this means only your admin staff can manage media galleries for your members.

  • Show On Backend and Show On Frontend if you will allow members to manage their galleries from the frontend via their Member Compass as well.

  • Note: The Directory Gallery cannot be selected as Key Information or required on either the frontend or backend.

*Novi Tip: As you plan to add media galleries as an option for member directory listings, consider updating your Terms of Service, found at, to include a definition of appropriate media and rules of participation to post a Directory Gallery.

Make it a Featured Listing Benefit

Ready to make this feature a game-changer and bring in more non-dues revenue? Enable the Directory Gallery for featured members! From your Association Settings, update your Featured Listings settings.

You may also choose to enable directory galleries on both featured and basic members.

Adding Media to the Member Directory Gallery

Once enabled, from the backend you can add media to a Company or Individual record from the Details tab.

With frontend access, members may add media from their Member Compass:

  • Individuals can add Gallery Items to their profile

  • Those with management access can also add media to their Company profile

Adding Photos and Videos as Gallery Items

Click under Directory Gallery to Add Photo/Video.

A second menu will appear:

1. Type: Select the type of media you want to add. Galleries will support photo images or video links from Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia.

2. Title/Alt Text: Add a simple title or description of the media.

3a. Image: If you selected to upload a Photo, upload your file or select from Novi Files. An image editor will appear allowing you to adjust the photo in the frame:

  • Zoom: This resizes the image in the frame.

  • Drag: The ability to click and drag the image to adjust position within the frame.

  • Set Crop: This will save the image, including any adjustments you made. It will not change the original jpg/png file.

3b. URL: If you selected to add a Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia video link, add the URL here. A thumbnail will show in the media carousel for Youtube and Vimeo videos (Wistia will show a Wistia label). Only on the live directory listing will the video play when clicked on in the gallery.

Click Add and see your media added to the Gallery Items!

Organizing the Gallery Items

Media will appear on the directory listing in order from left to right as they are in the gallery. You can rearrange the display order by clicking to drag and drop.

To remove or edit a gallery item, use the icons on the media thumbnail. Up to 10 items can be displayed at a time in the media carousel.

Once you are satisfied with your Directory Gallery, remember to Save the Details tab or Save from the Member Compass. The gallery will display on the member’s online listing according to directory settings and just below the Company Overview or Professional Bio.

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