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Unique Event Attendee & Company List Views
Unique Event Attendee & Company List Views

The three ways you can view information in an event attendee list

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Options for Attendee List Views

There are three ways to view an event's attendee list on the backend, depending on what information is needed. By default, events display the Registration Detail view, which is covered in the Navigating The Event Attendee List article. Other options include to view Unique Attendees or Companies.

These options are available in a drop-down field at the top of the Attendees tab.

Default View: Registration Detail

This is the default view where each registration, with a name or blank, is listed on a separate line. This means if the same person registered for multiple tickets they will be listed multiple times.

Unique Attendees View

This view will list each attendee once, even if they registered for multiple tickets. You will notice a Ticket Types column in this view that lists each type of ticket a unique attendee is registered for.

An attendee with more than one registration will still be considered unique, and therefore only counted once if the event tickets had the attendee form turned on and either of the following is true:

  • All registrations for the person are connected to their member record

  • The registrations are for a guest with the exact same Attendee Name and Company

Items of Note:

  • All registrations that do not have an attendee name (i.e. blank) will each be counted as separate attendees (if the ticket had the attendee form turned on).

  • If Company is asked for on one ticket but not another, it will appear to the system that these are different attendees. (Ex: Janet - No Company, Janet - ABC Company)

  • If the Attendee Name field is not required, a checkbox for "I'm not sure who is coming yet" will show up as an option on the frontend and backend. If this is checked during registration, a value of "TBD" will be entered in the First Name field, and each TBD will be counted as a unique attendee.

Bonus! An additional feature of this view is that you can click on the attendee's name to see a filtered list that shows only the tickets purchased by this attendee.

  • While this view will show you an attendee record's total Open Balance across all transactions, it will not show you the amount of their ticket registrations. See the Registration Detail view for this information.

Companies View

If you'd like to see a list of which companies have staff member(s) registered for an event, this view will show each company once, regardless of how many staff are signed up.

  • The Attendee Names and Ticket Types purchased for each company will be included on their row (comma separated).

  • You can also see the total # of Attendees for each company and if they have an open balance.

  • To view a detailed list for a specific company, either click the company's name or the View Details link in the Action column. This will open the Registration View filtered to registrations for this company.

  • Note that this does not necessarily go off of the companies in your database. If you have a member - ABC Company, and a guest registers and enters their company as ABC Co., you will see two separate companies in this list.

Additionally, the Attendee - Open Balance field is not the amount the company owes you for the event. It is the total open balance of the attendee records signed up under this company.

Options for All List Views

Each attendee list view has options for additional columns to include and to increase the number of visible rows per page. You can select these options by clicking the small gear wheel at the top of the list view.

Note: These display options will be sticky for an Association Admin's view (not anyone else's) and in a specific browser and device (not across browsers or other devices used). If needed, columns can be reset to the default Novi list view.

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