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Limiting Member Type Renewals
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Ever considered offering trial memberships through Novi? Or maybe you have a member type that comes with a term limit?

Consider using Renewal Limits in your Member Type Settings to take control of how and when members renew.

Renewal Limits on Member-Initiated Renewals

When a member type has auto-renewals disabled or opt-in, members can take the initiative to renew themselves from the Member Compass. Associations can guide this renewal process by setting Renewal Limits, found on the Renewal tab of Member Type Settings.

Limit Renewals to Certain Member Types

If you have selected the allow members to change member type upon renewal checkbox in Association Settings, all member types allowing front end registration and relevant to that member's current setup will be visible (read more about member-initiated renewals).

Renewal limits allow associations to guide members to only specific member types of their choosing.

  • Select the Limit renewals to certain member types checkbox

  • Select all member types that should be available to this member type upon renewal

Limit Number of Renewals per Member

If members can only be in a particular member type for a certain number of consecutive terms/years, select the Limit # of renewals per member checkbox

Remember that this is consecutive terms/years when deciding your limitations. For example:

  • If they can only be this member type for 1 term/year, set the # of renewals to 0 - they will have to choose a new member type the first time they expire as this member type

  • If they can be in this member type for 3 terms/years, set the # of renewals to 2

Renewal Limits when Auto-Renew is Enabled

Renewal limits can be set on member types with auto-renew enabled, but there are a few things to consider.

  • How many times can an organization/individual renew as this member type after joining? (example: a 3 year term would renew 2 times)

  • What member type should they become after hitting the renewal limit?

    The system needs to know what member type to push them to, so be sure to select the Limit renewals to certain member types checkbox and select one member type from the list for auto-renewals to continue.

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