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"TxnID Cannot Be Linked" error when attempting to cancel an event registration
"TxnID Cannot Be Linked" error when attempting to cancel an event registration

The "TxnID Cannot Be Linked" error stems from changes made in QuickBooks Online.

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We recently had a client report the error "TxnID Cannot Be Linked" when attempting to cancel an event registration. In researching the source of the error, we found that the (unpaid) registration invoice had been altered in QuickBooks.

The registration was purchased by a company for various staff members. What we discovered in QuickBooks is that the line item for the particular registration that needed to be cancelled was actually deleted from the original invoice in QuickBooks as an attempt to cancel the registration. When the client came back to Novi after doing this, they received the previously mentioned error.

The error stemmed from the fact that the line item was deleted. Novi could not find the transaction in QuickBooks because it simply no longer existed. 

If you are receiving this error, it means that the invoice related to the registration has been altered and is preventing Novi from being able to cancel. Please contact us to look at your specific case and data. 

In similar future situations, our recommendation is to always cancel registrations in Novi for the cleanest data. Doing so will automatically apply a credit memo or refund to the purchaser. Alternatively, if you have already made the edit to the invoice in QuickBooks, you may choose to simply mark the registrant as "Not Attended" in Novi.

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