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Specific Member Type Content on the Member Compass Dashboard
Specific Member Type Content on the Member Compass Dashboard

How to edit and customize the content in the Member Compass.

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The Member Compass Dashboard is the very first page users see when they log into your Novi website. Customize the content in the dashboard for all users, or specific to certain member types.

Default Content

All logged-in users will see the default content for the Member Compass Dashboard in your Association Settings unless you override the text for their Member Type.

If using the Dashboard Content Override for member types, then the default content will show for non-members, prospects, expired members, and any member types that don’t have Member Compass Dashboard Override text.

In the gear icon at the top right of the backend, go to Association Settings > Membership to edit the default text.

Dashboard Content Override

Further customize your Member Compass Dashboard by updating the content on a per member type basis.

Navigate to Members > Member Types in the backend, then select the Member Type you want to edit. On the Details tab, scroll down until you see Member Compass Details.

Here you can fill in the Dashboard Content Override.

Note: This content will only show for Current or Inheriting Members of this Member Type.

Admins will continue to see the default language on the member compass dashboard depending on their own member type and status. However, users with current or inheriting status for that member type will see the override text after saving.

Novi Tip: Consider creating a test account, or impersonating a user, to view member locked or member specific content on your website.

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