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Transitioning to Google Analytics 4
Transitioning to Google Analytics 4

UA has been sunset by Google and GA4 Measurement ID is the way to track analytics on your Novi site.

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What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google's advanced tool for website data collection and provides a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey and greater predictive capabilities than the previous iteration, Universal Analytics (UA).

Important: In July 2023, Google stopped tracking UA numbers for analytics.

If your Google Measurement ID begins with UA-, you still have a Universal Analytics property and Google Analytics has stopped tracking your analytic data.

To continue tracking activity on your Novi site, a GA4 property number is needed instead of a UA.

How do I transition to GA4?

Luckily, creating a new GA4 property is pretty simple! You'll just need access to your Novi Association Settings and your Google Analytics workspace.

Follow along as we create a sample GA4 property:

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