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Event Policy Page & Settings
Event Policy Page & Settings

Notify attendees about your association's event-related policies, including cancellations and refunds.

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The "Event Policy" page is a great place to let your attendees know about your association's policies related to events, which oftentimes include how cancellations and substitutions will be handled. The content on this page is completely up to you so it can be short and simple or have multiple sections.

This page is built-in to your Novi website so it already exists, but you can decide if the link will be shown to the people registering for your events.

Bonus! If you will be showing this page, you can also set it up so people will be required to check a box during registration confirming that they read the event policy.

Event Policy Options

The setting in the screenshot below can be accessed via Association Settings, on the Events tab. Below the three options is a link to your association's Event Policy page, which is at this URL:

  • Note that the label you see on this link in Association Settings may be named something other than "Event Policy" because it's based on the page name that's assigned in the page settings. More on this below.

There are 3 options available for displaying an Event Policy:

#1 Never Show

If your site is set to "Never Show" then the system will not display a link to the Event Policy page. In this case you do not need to add any verbiage to the frontend page.

#2 Show at Checkout

With this option, when someone is registering for an event on the frontend the system will display a link to the Event Policy page below the "Complete Registration" button, and also in the attendee's confirmation email.

#3 Require at Checkout

With this option the system will add a checkbox above the "Complete Registration" button and it will be required that the person check the box before they can submit their registration. The word "Event Policy" is hyperlinked so they can navigate directly to the page and read the policies. A link will also be included in their confirmation email.

If they try to continue without checking the box, they will see a message like this:

"Event Policy" Page Settings

If your association settings are set to "Show at Checkout" or "Require at Checkout" then you will need to add verbiage to the page on the frontend of the site.

This built-in static page will always be located at this URL: and just like other static pages, you can change the Page Name and Page Title (SEO) by going to the page's settings modal.

Once you've dialed in the page settings, click the Save & Close button at the bottom of the modal.

Novi Tip: If you have more than one policy, list them in separate sections and use the content editor to format the headers. Here's an example:

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