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Creating or Editing Committee Terms in Batch Actions
Creating or Editing Committee Terms in Batch Actions
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Rather than adding terms one by one, create or edit multiple committee terms at once using batch actions.

Creating Committee Terms From A Group

There may already be Novi groups set up that represent committee members or there may be previous custom field data that tracked committee members, which can easily be turned into groups.

From a group, quickly create committee terms using the Batch Actions tool:

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, make sure committee(s) are created in the Members > Committees section.

  2. Then, navigate to a group containing committee members.

    This may be multiple groups - no need to combine everyone into one group. If help is needed while creating groups, let us know.

  3. In the Members tab of the group, check the boxes next to the members to create a committee term for.

    Tip!💡Do this process in separate batches of committee members who share the same committee, term dates, and role.

    If there are multiple pages of records the system will prompt to select all that match this filter.

    For example, if some committee members are on a 1-year term, and some are on a different, 2-year term, run those as two separate batches.

    Once the terms are created, you can always edit info on an individual term basis from the committee.

  4. Fill out the fields in the modal that are relevant to these terms.

  5. After clicking Save & Close, the system will get to work on creating terms for selected committee members.

Creating & Editing Terms in Bulk

When terms already exist within a committee, create new ones based on terms or edit existing terms in a batch action.

In both instances, navigate to the specific committee, select the terms, and then choose to Update Terms or Create Terms.

Note: Update Terms is only available within the Unique Terms sub-tab.

Create Terms can be done in either the Members or Unique Terms sub-tabs.

Using Batch Actions for terms is most useful if each member's term information is identical. In scenarios where each member has unique term dates, roles, or associated credits, it's best to do these in separate batches or skip Batch Actions and edit/create terms individually.

Edit Terms

To edit the terms of multiple committee members, you can do so by heading to the specific committee, checking each of their names, and clicking Batch Actions > Update Terms.

In the Update Committee Terms modal, you can adjust each field (term start/end, roles, internal notes, etc.) for all the selected members.

Choose to keep the current value, edit the current value, or (in non-required fields) clear the field.

Create New Terms

Meanwhile, if several members are returning for another term, use Batch Actions > Create Terms.

In the Create Committee Terms modal, enter term information for all the selected members.

Choose to have all new terms share a value in a field, use the most recent value for each record, or (in non-required fields) leave the field blank for all of the newly created terms.

Quick Note: When merging 2 records, committee terms will consolidate in the new winning record.

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