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Share an Event by Email, Facebook or LinkedIn
Share an Event by Email, Facebook or LinkedIn

How to share an event on different platforms and things you should know.

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At the bottom of any given event's details page on the frontend of your website, there will be the following three buttons:

These buttons give you (and members!) the opportunity to easily share your upcoming events with a wide audience, potentially boosting engagement and attendance with members and non-members alike!

Share by Email

Sharing your event by email is a great and easy way to reach a large email contact list. This is especially helpful for members who want to reach their coworkers. Please note that the email will open and use the email provider that is set as the default in the user's computer settings. To share the event by email through a different provider, follow the directions below under "Other Platforms."

Share on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook is one of the best ways to get your event out to a large number of people. You will need to be logged in to Facebook in your browser to use this feature. If you are not, the pop-up modal will prompt you to login. Once logged in, you'll have the opportunity to add a comment about the event above the link. 

Please note that the default is set to share the link to your personal page. To share on your association page (if you are a Facebook admin), with a specific friend, in a group, or in an existing Facebook event page, use the drop-down in the top left of the modal to make your decision.

Share on LinkedIn

Sharing your event on LinkedIn is a great way to show your followers all the great happenings in your association! You will need to be logged in to LinkedIn in your browser to use this feature. If you are not, the pop-up modal will prompt you to login. 

Other Platforms

For other platforms not supported by one of the share buttons, never fear! You can copy the URL of your event (at the top of the page) and paste it into the share option on your platform.

Share Options Hidden on Events with Limited Visibility

For events that have limited visibility to specific members or groups, the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email Share Event options will be automatically hidden.

The Share Event options are hidden when certain information is listed under the Event Display Options section located in the Settings tab on the backend of an event. The Share Event options are hidden if either the:

  • Hide on Frontend Calendar is checked


  • Only Visible to These Groups condition has listed a Novi Group

If these fields are left blank, the "Share Event" options will be displayed on the event page.

Best Practices

Make sure that you have set up the page's SEO information correctly. Having a well-written Title and Description will improve the look of your content when it's being shared. It's also a good idea to pay attention to the Friendly File Name so that the link being shared is easily readable.

The Search Engine Optimization section for each event can be found in either the New Event modal or on the Details tab of an existing event.

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