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Formatting Event Details & News Articles

Learn why it's easiest and best to edit articles and events from the frontend.

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When formatting events or news/blog articles on the backend of your site, you may notice that the content is not displayed exactly the same as the frontend.

Since the backend/admin side is your database side of the system, it does not have the same colorful and robust formatting as the frontend, and will not show design elements such as headers and images might not align as usual.
Here is a quick comparison of what event details may look like on the backend vs. the frontend:



This is why we recommend editing all event details form the frontend of the website to avoid any extra work. ย 

All formatting done on the backend will still show normally on the frontend, but if you want to edit from the toolbar, edit from the event page itself.

Note: As an admin, events and articles can still be previewed and edited on the frontend while the event is in the "Inactive" status so that your members do not see the content until it's ready.

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