It makes sense to call a company or person a "New Member" when they first join your organization. When a renewal is processed before a member's expiration date, it's likewise clear that the company or person is a renewal and not a "new member." Expired memberships are not as clear.

If a member has been expired for a few days, your organization will likely treat that member as a renewal. If the member hasn't had an active membership for 10 years, you're most likely going to treat that member as "new."

Since every organization treats this business decision differently, Novi AMS allows admins to define when an expired member should be treated as "new."

The Effects

When an expired member renews, Novi will look to your definition of a "new member" to determine the following:

  • Should "new member" dues/fees apply to this member?
  • Should this member have their Member Since date reset because their membership lapsed?
  • Does the member require admin approval if renewing from within the Member Compass?
  • Is credit card payment required when the member renews within the Member Compass?

The Setting

Define your organization's version of a "new member" for late renewal purposes on the Renewal tab of each of your member types.

AE Tip™: You can track the original join date affiliated with that member by using the optional "Original Join Date" field. This allows you to keep a historical record even if the membership lapses.

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