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Advanced: Generate Product Invoices From A Group
Advanced: Generate Product Invoices From A Group
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Perhaps you have a product that you need to invoice multiple members for at once. If you need to do so, the process is simple!

We do mark this process as advanced, simply because it should only be used when needed to generate product invoices in bulk for members who are in a group together. Under no circumstances should this be used for routine tasks like dues renewals, event registrations, etc. This only pertains to bulk e-commerce product purchases - other things happen elsewhere in the system. 

To do this:

  1. Navigate to your group on the backend by going to Members > Groups.

  2. Find or create your group of members who need to be invoiced.

  3. Select View Members next to the groups in the very right-hand Action column.

  4. In the top right corner of the groups page that appears, select the down arrow (AKA a caret), then choose Generate Invoices.

  5. A modal will appear. 

  6. From here, select your product. If the product is a subscription, select the subscription Start & End dates for the current members of the group. (Note: You may see some members of the group that say "Cannot Purchase". This simply means that the product's settings may not allow them to be eligible for purchase.)

  7. Note that you can enter an Invoice Description if you'd like.

  8. Click the Generate Invoices button. This has now created the invoices and signed this member up for the subscription (You can see this in Orders > Subscriptions).

  9. To email these newly generated invoices to your members, head to your Accounting > Transactions tab. 

  10. Use the filter on the page to find Product Invoices that have not been emailed. 

  11. Select your invoices and use the Batch Action tool the email them at once.

Here is a quick tutorial on the process:

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