What makes up the pieces of an activity or a task? Read on to find out!.

Contact Types for Custom Activities

Activities that are added into a member's timeline by an admin can include various contact types: 

  • The name of the person who created the activity, or for a task, the name of who it is assigned to (person with suit icon).
  • The member record the activity pertains to (company or contact person icon).
  • The contact person at the company for company-related activities (contact person icon).

Also, notice the edit and delete options to the right of the activity.

System Activities

Activities that are automatically added to member records, such as member renewals, event registration, ecommerce purchases, etc. also have unique features that allow you to see more about the activity itself.

In membership change activities, you'll notice that the contact person is the person who made the change - that may be an admin, the member in some cases, or an automatic job - like the QuickBooks Sync or Membership Renewal Job.

As an example, a Membership Renewal will show the member's name, the person or job who initiated the renewal, and you'll see the new membership status of the member: 

Likewise, event registrations show the attendee's name, the event, and if they were marked as attended or not.

Task-Specific Features

Tasks have similar contacts as custom activities. On task entries, notice that these include a button and a checkbox to mark the task complete (un-checking the box will undo this action), and icons to edit or delete a task.


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