Create a New Custom Activity or Task

How to add a new activity or task to appear in a member's Activity Timeline and/or your Task Center.

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The Activity Timeline and Task Center features allow you to easily track changes, updates, and communications relating to your members.

While some activities are tracked automatically (such as renewals, drops, event registrations, etc.), you can also add activities for your communication-related notes and to-dos including calls, meetings, emails, and more.

An additional option within this section is that admins can also manually enter credits for members if the event is not in Novi or they have a special circumstance that is not covered by the ticket setup within a Novi event.

When you're ready to create a new activity, keep reading below for the steps and options.

Step 1: Click to Add Your New Activity

There are various places you can do this, including:

  • From the "Quick Create" plus sign at the top of every admin page.

  • On a member record under the New button.

  • On a member record > Timeline tab > click the plus sign on the right-hand side.

  • In the Task Center > click the New Task button.

  • In the Task Center > click the plus sign on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Enter Your Activity Details

No matter which route you select above, you'll be shown the Add Activity modal below.

Within the modal, enter the following:

Activity Type

  • The activity types Note, Meeting, Call, and Email all have the same fields/options. This is a basic activity, which is different than a Task, Credit, or Parent Change entry.

  • Tasks are activities that can be assigned as a to-do item for yourself or another admin.

  • Credit activities are a way for admins to manually give a member continuing education credits without needing to connect them to an event.

  • Parent Change activities are added by the system (when a linked parent record is changed), but can also be manually created by admins to reflect a historical change in parent for a member or edited by admins to include additional notes.


  • This field is required and will automatically be filled in with the activity type.

  • You can edit the subject or leave it as-is.


  • You can select today's date or past/future dates.

  • For Tasks, this will represent the due date and will also determine the status (open or overdue).

  • For Parent Change, this will initially be the date the change was made in Novi, but can be edited by admins to reflect when this happened in actuality (ex: Joe Smith's parent company was changed in June in Novi, but he left in May.)


  • Enter in your notes, if applicable. This field is not required so it can be left blank.

Member Record

  • This is the record attached to the activity.

  • The task will show on this member's Timeline tab.

  • This field will be automatically filled out if you add a custom activity directly from a member record.

Additional fields may or may not be shown at the bottom of the modal, depending on which Activity Type was selected above. Complete the fields below, as needed:


  • This is an optional field that can be used to track which person within a company is the contact for this activity (ex: I called John Smith at ABC Company about the company's membership).

  • This field only shows when the member record is a company.

Assigned To

  • Tasks include this additional field which allows you to assign tasks to an association staff member.

  • This field only shows if the Activity Type is Task.

Credits Possible & Credit Awarded

  • Enter the number of credits a member could earn in Credits Possible. Enter the number of credits actually earned by the member in Credits Awarded.

  • These fields only show if the Activity Type is Credit.

  • Note: Admins should only enter credits here that were not earned through a ticket within a Novi event, so the member doesn't get double credit. When in doubt, go to the Events tab on the member's record to see how many credits they've earned.

Credit Types

  • If custom credit types have been set up on your site, you can select one or more types within this field.

  • This field is optional and will only show if the Activity Type is Credit.

Parent From & Parent To

  • When an admin updates the parent member of a record, these fields will be automatically filled out to reflect that change.

  • If this activity is added to the timeline manually, the parent member field will not be touched and no update will be made to the record's parent. Manual Parent Change activities are for tracking historical changes only.

  • If the Parent Change activity is edited later, this will also not update the linked parent for the record. To change a parent properly, admins should update the field on the Details tab of the record.

Click the Save & Close button to add this activity to the member's Timeline.

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