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Activity Timeline Report

View a list of members' activities, tasks, and credits all in one place.

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The Report

The Activity Timeline Report allows admins to view and export a list of custom and system-generated activities from members' records.

Here are some search examples search:

  • Notes by keywords and subject, such as why members did not renew.

  • Event registrations and manual credits all in one place.

  • Members who started or stopped receiving benefits from their parent company within the last month.

View the Activity Report

  1. Go to the backend and click Reporting in the left sidebar.

  2. Open the General Reports toggle

  3. Select Activity Report

  4. Use the Search field and Filters to narrow down the results.

  5. When the report opens, by default the list will automatically populate all activities for Active records (i.e. not deleted) and will default to showing activities that have occurred up until today.

  6. Use the gear icon to add or remove display columns from the list view and select how many rows to view per page.

Components of the Report


Search the results by:

  • Subject

  • Note

  • Member Name


The following filters can be used to customize the report results:

  • Activity Types - The default setting is all activity types. Click in this filter to select one or more specific activity types.

  • Assigned To - The default setting is all admins. You can narrow this down (for Task activities) by choosing one or more admins.

  • Active in QuickBooks Online - The default setting shows Active records. You can also view Inactive records (i.e. deactivated or deleted) by updating this filter. Note: This is different than membership status.

  • Date - The default setting is an end date of today's date. Use the Date From and/or To fields to narrow down the results.

Display Columns

Some columns show by default, while others are available under the gear icon. To sort the report by a particular column, click on a specific column header.

Exporting the Report

The Activity Timeline Report can be exported to a .pdf or .csv file by clicking the corresponding icon (see image below).

  • PDF (printer icon) - includes only the columns that are shown in the list

  • CSV (paper with an "x" icon) - can choose to export only columns shown in the list or all available fields

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