Streamline your Constant Contact lists by automatically syncing Novi groups!

Find in-depth steps & information on this sync below, and answers to our most frequently asked questions including how to create campaigns, how to locate lists in Constant Contact and more!


Setting Up the Initial Constant Contact Connection

Most associations setup their Constant Contact account and sync with Novi during onboarding. However, if you haven't already setup your Constant Contact access token in Novi, you won't be able to sync any Groups yet. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter API Key: 3ayb6pwcq9ujzjxut897z9xr
  3. Click on "Get Access Token"
  4. Click "I already have an account" and login
  5. Click to Allow Access
  6. Your access token should pop up - copy the token
  7. On the backend of your Novi site, click the gear icon next to your name (top right) and select Association Settings
  8. Go to the Integrations tab and paste the token in the Constant Contact Access Token field


Initiating the Group Sync

Your members won't automatically sync to Constant Contact until you're ready for them to! To sync groups over from Novi, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Members > Groups in Novi.

2. Find or create a group you would like to create a list for in Constant Contact. 

  • If the group already exists, click the Edit link in the Action column of the group list - this will take you to the Details tab of the group.
  • If you need to create a new group, click the Add Group button (top right). 

3. Scroll down to the Email section and toggle the Sync to Constant Contact setting to ON. 

  • The name of the Constant Contact list will default to match the name of the Novi Group. In the screenshot example below, the name is Current Members with Zero Dues Balance
  • If an existing list in Constant Contact has the same name as the new Novi Group, the system will create a list with the name of the Novi Group and add a " - 1" or " - 2" as necessary to make the list name unique.
  • Admins can edit the name of the email list in Constant Contact (if needed). It will still sync to the same group in Novi, and the list name under the sync toggle will also be updated in Novi to reflect the change.

4. Click the Save button. The contacts in the Novi group will then sync to Constant Contact.  >> Please note that sync timing varies per group.

Adding & Removing Members

  • Once a Novi group is created and synced with Constant Contact, new members added to the system who meet your group's conditions will automatically be synced. 
  • If a member no longer meets the criteria in the group's conditions, they will be removed from the Novi group and the corresponding Constant Contact list.
  • If a group is deleted in Novi or the sync is toggled from ON to OFF, the system will automatically delete the corresponding list in Constant Contact. This action will be logged in the audit log.
  • If a group is deleted in Constant Contact while it is still set to sync to a group in Novi, you will see an error icon in the main group list. Hover over the icon to see more information.


How to Send Emails Through Constant Contact

Once you have synced your Novi group with Constant Contact, you're ready to send marketing emails. To do this, head over to Constant Contact.

From there, you will be able to create campaigns and send emails to your lists by following these steps:

  1. Click the Create button in the top right.
  2. Choose your type of campaign.
  3. Choose your template.
  4. Choose your email list. 
  5. Click the orange Send Now button in the top right when you're ready to send.

For further assistance with Constant Contact, please contact their support team.


ADDITIONAL TIP: How to add tags to your Constant Contact groups

Tags allow you to filter and target your emails even more to as many different groups you like. Tags allow you to create new groups by adding contacts all at once, individually or by searching through your contacts with a tag with these steps:

  1. Go to "Contacts"
  2. Click the plus button by "Tags"
  3. Add your tag

You can find more about Tags in Constant Contact's Knowledge Base


FAQ: Why does my Novi AMS group and Constant Contact list have a different number of contacts?

The most common reason for is because of duplicate email addresses. Many times, staff members will share email addresses. The Novi groups pull emails from the "Professional Contact" record, so we recommend that you encourage members to always use their own email rather than sharing the main company email. 

Constant Contact can also block an email address for their a variety of other reasons: looking like spam, being put into too many lists too quickly, etc. Find more information about Constant Contact's reasons for blocking emails in their Knowledge Base.

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