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Email Sync Statuses for Novi Groups
Email Sync Statuses for Novi Groups

How to view & interpret email sync statuses relating to MailChimp and Constant Contact for Novi group members.

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Connecting your Novi groups to MailChimp or Constant Contact is a great way to easily communicate with your members. When you set up a Novi group, you have the option to sync the group member emails into your chosen email platform.

When these syncs occur, we provide transparency when a group or specific email has or hasn't been synced over. 

Read on below to learn more about:

Overall Group Sync Status

Where to Find

Once a group is synced, you have visibility of the overall sync status in two places:

1. On the main Groups list, in the "Email Sync" column. The name of the column will reflect either MailChimp or Constant Contact, whichever you're using. If you use both, it will be called "Email Sync."


2. On the Group detail page, in the top section beneath the group name. The name of the sync will reflect either MailChimp or Constant Contact, whichever you're using. If you use both, it will show "Email Sync Status." 

Status Types

The different statuses that will appear include:

  • Up To Date: When a sync completes successfully, you'll see "Up To Date" text showing the latest date of the sync. Remember - the sync will only run when a change happens within the group or group members. A previous date doesn't mean "out of sync." Directly underneath that text, you'll also see text showing the number of group members who were either skipped or had an error during their sync. If you click this link, it will take you directly to a pre-filtered version of the group members list and show you only those whose syncs were skipped or failed.

  • Red Error: If your group's email sync status shows a red error exclamation point this means that the sync was not successful. This can be due to a variety of things (list deletion in the email platform, an error on your email platform account, etc.). The latest error message displays if you hover over the error icon, and it can be seen in the group list details as well.

  • N/A: A status of N/A means that the group is not connected to a MailChimp or Constant Contact list and will not sync.

  • Blank: If the email status of a group is blank, this simply means that there haven't been any updates to the group members, or sync "triggers" since this feature was released.

Additional Information

  • Once a group is saved, Novi will begin calculating the group members. You'll see spinning circles in the members and beneficiaries columns. 

  • Once the members are calculated, the email sync will begin, and you will see a spinning circle in the status column during this time. This means we are in the process of sending the contacts to the email platform. 

  • When a group is syncing, you'll see the sync column spinning to indicate that a sync is in progress. Once the spinner is complete, the email platform has updates on their end to make, so that doesn't mean the process is finished - it just means that Novi has completed sending information to the platform.

  • Additionally, if no changes are made to the group, the email sync date will not update. (Saving the group without any changes being made does not trigger a sync.)

  • Groups that fail to calculate or sync properly will be listed in the Daily Digest email.

  • Even though Groups will sync automatically, if you want to trigger a sync, click the arrow in the Action column and select Sync Emails. If your site is set up to sync to both MailChimp and Constant Contact, the email sync statuses will reflect whichever sync runs last, which will be Constant Contact.

Specific Group Member Syncs

You can also see the status of a specific group member! Within the group members list, you will see two columns relating to email syncs (if the group is synced):

  • Do Not Send Marketing Emails

  • Email Sync Status

Do Not Send Marketing Emails

If this says "Yes," it means that the Do Not Send Marketing Emails setting on this member's record is checked. This is separate from if a member has unsubscribed in MailChimp or Constant Contact. Unsubscribed members will show “N/A” in the Email Sync Status column.

Email Sync Status

This will say MailChimp or Constant Contact, depending which you're using, or Email if using both. Once the group's overall sync status shows Up To Date (as described in the section above), refresh the Members tab of the group to populate the sync status for each group member.

Members who successfully synced over will show an Up To Date message in their row when the sync completes, similar to what you see on the main groups list. 

Members who failed to sync will show an N/A or a red error exclamation point (if there is an error with the sync).

To see the reasoning behind an N/A, hover over the N/A to see more details. Reasons include:

  • This member doesn't have an email address

  • The group isn't set up to sync primary members / beneficiary members

  • Member has "Do Not Send Marketing Emails" checked

  • Member is a company whose email is the same as a person’s in the group (individuals will always win in this scenario)

If the group is set up to sync primary and/or billing contacts to the email provider, the following info is also true:

  • If the email sync for a primary/billing contact results in an error, it will show on their company's email sync status

  • If a primary/billing contact is synced successfully or skipped, then the company’s sync status shows the sync status of the company alone (as if it had no primary/billing contacts)

Group Member List Filter

You'll also see a filter on the group's Members tab that includes 3 options:

  • Show Beneficiaries - This option will default to Primary Group Members only.

  • Email Sync Status - This will allow you to filter the group members list by those who have statuses of Up To Date, N/A, Failed, or Processing. You can select more than one.

  • Do Not Send Marketing Emails - This allows you to filter the group member list by those who have "Do Not Send Marketing Emails" set to True, False, or Any.

Default Filters:

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