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Deep Dive: Customize Your Member Fields Data and Display
Deep Dive: Customize Your Member Fields Data and Display

Show or hide member fields and determine if they are required for members or admin users.

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In addition to creating your own custom fields for member records, Novi has a standard base set of fields that can be shown and/or required on company and individual records. 

You can turn off or edit any of these fields according to the information your association wants to collect. In the admin, go to Fields > Member Fields. This will display the list of fields you can edit.

NOTE: Limited admins cannot update member fields.

Member Fields > Display Columns

Notice the icons listed in the far left column under Company/Person. This will tell you if the field will be shown on a 1) company record or 2) an individual's record.

Next, the Section column tells you what type of information is being collected including:

  1. Contact Info

  2. Marketing Info

  3. Personal Contact Info

  4. General Profile Info

The Field column lists the name/title of each field and describes the information being collected.

The remaining columns are the settings that you can choose to edit. 

Show on Backend

This means that at a minimum, you want to show it to your admins. Note, if you turn this field off, it will automatically turn the other fields so that you don't accidentally collect data on the frontend that you and your coworkers won't be able to access in the admin.

Show on Frontend

This information will be shown to your members on their profiles, but it is not required to be filled out.

Key Information

Fields marked as key information are fields that your association has determined need to be collected upfront during important processes like the member application, when a member self-renews, and when a person creates a new login account. Fields not marked as Key Information will not appear during these processes but can be edited by the member later in their Member Compass. Learn more about how to add or remove fields from your new member signup form.

Require on Backend

This information is required to be collected, but this option should be used sparingly. Don't require any field that isn't necessary as you will have to fill out this information before you can save and close this member record.

Require on Frontend

Use this to collect data that is pertinent to running your association. This will typically be used to collect basic contact information. You may want to require some information on the frontend, that you wouldn't require on the backend.

Additional Visibility Settings

Some fields, such as Credentials/Designations, have additional visibility settings that are available by clicking the "Edit" button in the Action column.

These settings allow you to limit the visibility as well as the ability for users to make changes to these values.


Why aren't the Name fields displayed in the Member Fields list?

  • All name fields (e.g. First Name) are required by the Novi system and therefore cannot be edited.

What happens when a person has already created their user account before I make a frontend field required?

  • The next time that person edits their profile in their member compass, they will have to fill in that information before they can save any other changes. There won't be anything else in the system to prompt them to complete that information.

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