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Billing Address vs Shipping Address

Learn the standard conventions on how to map your address data to either billing addresses or shipping addresses in QuickBooks or Novi AMS.

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The QuickBooks customer record has two different addresses, billing and shipping. We have seen a number of associations overthink how these two fields should be used. Our strong suggestion is that you follow this standard convention.

Billing Address

This address should be the address to which you would send mail. This is where you'd mail an invoice or send a sales receipt. It's also the place you'd send a thank you note or perhaps a greeting card.

Billing addresses could very well be the physical location of the customer or member, but it could also be their PO box, their co-working space, or even their neighborhood UPS Store.

Shipping Address

This is the address to which you'd send flowers or an edible arrangement since you probably wouldn't want to cram either into a PO box.

Ultimately, the shipping address should be the physical location where the customer or member is located.

Add Instructional Text to Billing or Shipping Fields in Novi

In the Member Fields section, you can add instructional text to the Billing and Shipping fields, for both companies and people.

Why Its Important to Get This Correct

At some point, your board will ask you to pull a list of all members physically located in XYZ county (or parish if you're in Louisiana). If you're not following this naming convention, it could be next to impossible to pull the correct data out of the system.

You could also have a need to pull data for government affairs work. In this case, the fact that someone's PO Box is located in Congresswoman ABC's district probably doesn't mean much to her. She wants to know where the business is located or where the person physically lives.

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