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Ecommerce Subscriptions
Ecommerce Subscriptions
How to view and manage subscription orders in Ecommerce.
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Novi's Subscription section of Ecommerce allows users to view and manage subscription orders.

If you need to create a subscription product, please reference Create a New Product in Novi or Import existing products from QuickBooks Online.

Go to Ecommerce > Subscriptions to view the list of subscription orders. Active subscriptions are displayed by default.

Updating the Subscription End Date

The end date of a subscription can be modified if needed. In the Subscription End column, click the pencil icon to edit the date.

Auto-Renew Settings

This column indicates whether the subscription has Auto-Renew enabled. Users can change this by clicking the icon in the column.

Action Column

There are two options available in the Action column: Cancel Subscription and Audit Log.

  • Cancel Subscription allows users to cancel the subscription.

  • Audit Log allows users to view the audit log of the subscription order.

Visible Columns in the Subscriptions list:

Additional columns can be added via the gear icon (on the right side above the list). Refer to this article for the complete list of available columns: Available Columns in List Views & Exports

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