Your members look to you as a source of professional wisdom. The end-all, be-all, go-to for industry contacts and networking, if you will. Why not make it easy for members to learn about and communicate with each other? 

Section Table of Contents:

  • The Basics
  • Navigating the Member Directory
  • What A Directory Listing Consists Of
  • Map View & Location-Based Filter Settings
  • Other Member Directory Features & Resources


The Basics

The member directory allows site visitors to see individualized profiles for members in your database. You can choose to:

  • Show the directory to the public or have visibility locked down to only certain member types. 
  • Set only certain member types to appear in the directory (Ex: a vendor-only directory). 
  • Use the Featured Directory Listings feature to bring in ancillary revenue while boosting your members’ advertising efforts on your site.
  • Utilize a map view option of your members to display them on a map or in a list.

Note that you have an editable content region directly above the search bar and another at the bottom of your directory pages.

Who Appears In The Directory?

The directory will only show...

  • Current members (or those in a grace period) who are approved
  • Related members who are approved (Example: an apartment community linked to an overall management company)
  • Inheriting members, if you have opted to show them (See "FAQ: Are company staff listed in the directory or just the parent members?" section below)
  • For the map view and location filters, companies only


The directory sort order can be random (recommended) or alphabetical. To view/edit this setting, go to Association Settings > Membership tab > Default Directory Sort Order.

Users searching through the directory have multiple options to find what they’re looking for. They can search by company names and keywords, by areas of expertise, and more. They can also filter down their search further by utilizing more than one search feature at a time (Ex: searching for a keyword in a certain area of expertise).

Members can easily update their profile and company profile within their Member Compass to bring their listing to life.

Random vs Alphabetical Sorting

There are two options for the sort order of your member directory:

  • Random (recommended)
  • Alphabetical

No matter which option you select, the members will be grouped within the following ordered sections:

  1. Featured members (if applicable per Association Settings)
  2. Dues-paying members
  3. Inheriting members (if applicable per each member type's settings)


The entire member directory is loaded at random to achieve fairness of placement throughout the directory. AAA Company shouldn't always be first while ZZZ Company is always last.

The randomized order displayed will update after 1 hour, giving users plenty of time to search through the directory without seeing members twice.


People are alphabetized by last name, and companies are alphabetized by company name. Also note, within the groupings listed above, people and companies may be mixed together (depending on your member types and settings).

How to set the default directory sort order:

  • On the backend, click the gear icon (top right) and select Association Settings
  • Go to the Membership tab
  • In the Display Settings section, select the Default Directory Sort Order: Random (recommended) -or- Alphabetical
  • Click the Save & Close button


What A Directory Listing Consists Of

On your main directory landing page, visitors will see a preview of the member's:

  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • Address (for company members only)
  • Email
  • Social media links
  • Member type

When someone clicks on a member's listing, also known as a "Member Profile Badge," they’ll be able to see:

  • Contact information
  • Member description
  • Areas of expertise (if applicable)
  • Related contacts and members
  • Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • And more!

Note - Featured listings are a little different. All featured listings will appear this way, but non-featured listings will only have the bare bones besides their name - you can decide if email, phone, address, and Area of Expertise show for these profiles. See article linked below for more info on featured listings.


FAQ: Are company staff listed in the directory or just the parent members?

This is a setting determined for each Member Type. Under Member Directory > Visibility, "Show Staff List in Directory" must be enabled in order to see the staff and related members list on company profiles.

It's up to you whether the staff will have a viewable profile or not. This is also determined in the settings for each Member Type, under Member Directory > Visibility. "Show Inheriting Members in Directory" sets the directory to include or exclude inheriting member profiles.

To set this up, all you need to do is head to the member type you'd like to enable and check the Show Inheriting Members In Directory box (and save!).

Once this is set-up, users will be able to view and search for the profiles of the inheriting members. These profiles will be displayed at the end of the directory list, after the dues-paying members.


Company Member Map View & Location-Based Filter Settings

The directory Map View allows you to showcase your members in both a typical list view AND, for company members, a geographical location map view (powered by Google Maps).

The list view and map views have their own separate URLs, so you can link to them or include them in your website navigation separately. However, in both instances, directory visitors can toggle between the two views.

By default, the map is zoomed in to show where most of your members are congregated. For example, if your association is county-based, your map will start off much more zoomed in than an international association's map will be.

Addresses shown in the directory are always based on the member Shipping Addresses, not Billing or Personal (we never show individuals' addresses, anyway!). Likewise, a record will not appear in the map view if they:

  • Do not have a shipping address
  • Have their contact information hidden from the directory
  • Have their address hidden from the directory

Hovering over the members in the list view will highlight them within the map. Similarly, clicking on a point on the map will reveal the member's contact information.

Note that results in the map view are paged, meaning that only the results on the current page will show on the map at a time. However, the ordering and visibility rules of how members appear and who can see them follow the same set of rules as the list view.

Searching & Location Filters

Directory visitors can use a variety of tools to search in the map view. The general search box works the same as the list view. "Search Near Address" will search near an address entered in the field. "Use Current Location" attempts to locate the visitor's location (this is a browser-specific setting on if location tracking is permitted, so please make that known if anyone has any issues using this tool).

You can choose to turn on/off location-based filters in the Directory Map View section of association settings (instructions can be found in "Setting up the Map View & Location Filters" below).

  • City - Textbox
  • State/Province - Text box: "starts with" or state abbreviation. If the user types in a state abbreviation or state name, the directory will find matches for both the name & abbreviation. For example, if the user types “FL”, results will include addresses with the state listed as FL and Florida.
  • Zip/Postal Code - Textbox
  • County - Textbox
  • Country - Textbox - Only applicable if country field is turned on in settings.

Setting up the Map View & Location Filters

(Note: These features apply only specifically to company members, as we never show addresses for individuals in the directory for privacy purposes!)

The map view and location filters are only visible if you elect to turn them on for your website - they are not on by default. To do so, navigate to Association Settings > Membership > Directory Map View section to turn on the "Show map view in member directory" setting.

Likewise, this is also where you can turn on and control the location filters that are relevant to your association and will appear in the directory filters section.

Once you turn on the map view settings for the first time, Google Maps is working hard in the background to populate your members into this view. This initial process can take several hours to complete, so please keep that in mind.

Note that you do not need to turn on the map view in order to use the location filters. One can exist without the other! 😀


Other Member Directory Features & Resources

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