Looking for a specific URL for a certain directory page or profile on the website? Your website gives you the ability to use the unique URL that makes the most sense for your needs.

Unique Directory Page URLs

Online directories are dynamic, meaning the directory pages update with each filter, profile, and search a user views in the directory.

You'll notice as you take a look at your directory on the frontend, an admin alert will provide you with the URL of the specific page you are viewing. Changing a filter, or searching by keyword will update this URL automatically. While the admin alert shows for admins only, users can still see these unique URLs in the URL bar on their browser.

When using Filter for Directory Categories in your directory setup, these unique URLs allow you to add unique content to each separate "page" within the directory, if desired. If not, no worries. All sub-pages of the directory will take on the same description as the main landing page by default.

>> Learn more about adding unique content on filtered directory pages.

Member Profile URLs in Directories, Leadership Roles, and Event Contacts

Not only do different sections of directories have unique URLs, but profiles do as well.

As an example, let's use the profile of Sarah Smith. Sarah is in a directory, is a contact for an event, and is also in a leadership role.

Sarah is in a few different online directories, but we want to link to her profile that's in the Professional Directory we've created:

  • If we click into Sarah's profile from this directory, the URL will be https://www.website.com/professional-directory/sarah-smith
    >> Note how the name of the specific directory is part of the URL.

Sarah is also in a leadership role on a regular static page:

  • If we click into Sarah's profile from this leadership role, the URL will be https://www.website.com/contacts/sarah-smith
    >> Note how the URL has "contacts" before her name.

Finally, Sarah is also an event contact:

  • If we click into Sarah's profile from this event, the URL will be https://www.website.com/event-contacts/sarah-smith
    >> Note how the URL has "event-contacts" before her name.

Note: If you add a company to a Leadership Role, the company's profile page on the frontend will only display a Staff List if the staff have membership benefits (i.e. Inheriting).

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