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Mark a Record in Novi as Unapproved

Learn how to change a member's profile from approved to unapproved.

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Perhaps you accidentally approved a member from Recent Signups... or perhaps you need a company that's been added to the database by an admin to be approved by your Board of Directors. Whatever the case may be, simply mark the record as unapproved!

How to mark a record as unapproved:

  1. Navigate to the record on the backend.

  2. Select the Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to Advanced settings.

  4. Click the Mark Customer Unapproved button.

What will occur:

Once a member is marked as unapproved, the member and its inheriting family members will no longer have member benefits and the record will appear in the Recent Signups queue. 

Note: Only admins with full admin access will be able to make this change. Those with limited access to not have access to the Advanced record settings.

Why the "Mark Customer Unapproved" button is not available on all records:

If a new member signs up under a member type that does not require admin approval, they will be listed in the Recent Signups list as "auto-approved" with a "clear" link in the action column. Since the approval was automatic, there's no action to unapprove the record. 

In this case, we recommend following the non-renew and credit process, which will remove member benefits and credit the open dues invoice. From there, you could also convert them to a prospect.

What happens if I approve the member again later?

If a new member is approved, unapproved, and then reapproved (and the welcome email is turned on for their member type) - the system will resend the welcome email each time you approve the record.

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