We have heard from many of our association partners that they're seeing a significant increase in the number of new members signing up for membership on their website - without ever calling the association's office. While this level of automation & self-service is welcomed with open arms by both staff and members alike, many organizations have business rules in place that require formal approval before a company or person can officially join the association.

New Members Require Admin Approval

Each Member Type in Novi AMS can be customized to publicly show on the "Join" page. Those same member types can be set to require admin approval before the member is officially added to the roster.

The setting can be found on the Member Type record > Settings tab > Signups section. Just place a check in the box and save the record.

Approving New Members

When a prospective member signs up on your website, Novi will create a member record and a user account for the person who completed the form. Novi will not grant member benefits to that company or person, and the record will not be counted on your roster.

These new signups are placed into a queue on the Recent Signups page. Don't worry, Novi will alert all admin users in your navigation that there is work to be done.

On the Recent Signups page, admin users can "approve" or "deactivate" member records. Once approved, the member will have access to all appropriate benefits and will begin to be counted on your member roster.

Notification to New Members

As soon as a member has been approved, the system will send the member a welcome email letting them know that their membership has been approved.

  • Learn more about customizing (or disabling) the welcome email, which can be unique for each Member Type.

Members Added by an Admin on the Backend

For members added on the backend by an admin, the admin can choose to auto-approve the member or not, if the settings allow for it. 

If the member type requires approval before receiving benefits, you will have the option to auto-approve this new member or not. If the member is not auto-approved, they will appear as a pending member in Recent Signups. If the member type does not require approval (on the Settings tab), the Auto-Approve option will not be displayed.

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