If your association has groups that other members would benefit from being able to search for in the member directory, such as Special Interest Groups (SIGs) or committees, you can not only create a directory of these records but also use it as a filter in larger directories using Groups.

Create Filter for Directory

1. Create a group in the admin section of Novi (Members > Groups) or select an existing group to edit.

2. In the group's settings, scroll down to the Member Directory Filter section.

3. Check the box next to Show as filter on Member Directory, to add that group as a filter selection.

4. If you would like to lock down who is able to see this filter, select a group in the Filter Visible To field OR leave it blank to leave the filter available to the public.

  • As an example, in the screenshot above the filter will only show in the directory to members of the "Current Suppliers" group.

5. Click the Save button. Your filter is now ready to be added to specific directories as needed.

Add Filter to Directory

1. To add this filter to a directory, navigate to Members > Directories on the backend and open the directory (or create a new one).

2. In the directory's settings, scroll down to the Filters section.

3. Check the box next to the group you created, to add that group as a filter in the directory.

4. Click the Save & Close button to update the directory.

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