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Learn how to add products to event registrations and new member signup.

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Product Add-ons are Ecommerce products that are added to event registrations or new member signups. Our association partners use them to sell everything from sponsorships to t-shirts and to collect contributions for their charitable foundations and political action committees.

Setting up a Product Add-on

2. Add the product to an event or member type:

Event Registrations

  • Navigate to the Event to which you'd like to add the product.

  • Click on the Product Add-ons tab.

  • Find the product in the drop-down and click the Add button.

  • Note that these product add-ons will apply to the entire event (all ticket types), and they're only available on the frontend as add-ons.

  • On the frontend, they will be displayed below the Ticket options.

  • After the event registration is submitted, only one confirmation email will be sent, including the event ticket(s) and product(s) purchased.

NOTE: If custom fields are used, the product must be using the option “Users complete form once regardless of quantity added to cart” for products to be available as event-add ons. While this will allow you to add the product as an add-on in the event, it still will not include the custom fields. If you need to ask additional questions via custom fields, consider setting the item up as a Ticket instead of a Product Add-on.

Membership Signup

  • Go to the Member Type for which you want to add the product. 

  • Click on the Product Add-ons tab. 

  • Find the product in the drop-down and click the Add button.

  • Determine if you'd like to charge for the add-on by default.

Items of Note

  • AE Tip™: Product Add-ons are not intended to replace your Ecommerce store. They are meant to be up-sells that are added at the last minute by your member, like candy at the register in the grocery store.

    Members wishing to purchase the product only (an event sponsorship perhaps) should be directed to the product's page in your Ecommerce store. To encourage this sort of sale, you might want to think about adding a secondary call to action that directs your website visitor to the particular product or product category.

  • Product Add-ons MUST be marked as "Active" in the Ecommerce > Products page in order to work properly as an add-on.

  • If a Product is set-up as an Add-On it will not include custom fields.

  • Product Add-On purchases will generate an order in your Ecommerce Orders list and be visible under the Purchases tab of a specific product in the Ecommerce section. Additionally, if there is an email address entered into the "New Order Notification Email Address" field in Association Settings > Ecommerce, an email will be sent to that address with a notification about the placed order. Learn more about viewing product purchases.

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