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Processing Ecommerce Orders
Processing Ecommerce Orders

Learn what happens when a product is purchased online from your website store and what admins should do to fulfill the order.

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Novi's Ecommerce module allows you to add products to your website to sell to your members (and non-members too!). When a new order is received, you will want to consider what actions should be taken next.

This article covers:

What happens when a product is purchased?

  • Purchaser sees a successful order confirmation screen.

  • Purchaser receives a confirmation email.

  • A notification email is sent to the designated staff email address according to Association Settings and as set in the product.

  • On the backend, a orange bubble notification will appear if fulfillment is turned on -OR- if the notification is already there, it will be updated with the number of orders in the Open status.

  • If the product is set to Requires Fulfillment - the order is added to the Orders page (or the Subscriptions page if the product is a subscription).

Examples of the confirmation email the purchaser receives after the order is received/created:

Example #1 - Virtual Delivery

Example #2 - Physical Delivery

Next Steps:

Process the Order

Orders that fall into the "Open" status will remain on the main order page until processed. This allows time to work on anything else related to the order, such as collecting the logo and advertisement associated with a purchased sponsorship.

Once the above is completed:

  • To process a single order, click on the Order #. This will open a page with the purchase details and options.

    • If the invoice for this order has not been paid, it will be noted near the top. Consider leaving this product open until that invoice has been paid.

Order Details


  • On the order page, go to the Fulfillment tab to view and edit the Order Status & Tracking information.

Order Fulfillment

  • Click on the Order Status field and select Fulfilled from the drop-down. This will send the purchaser an email notifying them that their order has been fulfilled.

  • If applicable, a Tracking Number can be added as well.

  • Then click Save & Close.

Example of the email the purchaser receives when an admin marks the order as fulfilled:

Fulfill An Order Without Notifying Purchaser

Sometimes it is needed to mark an Ecommerce order as fulfilled (i.e. closed) without sending the purchaser an "Order Fulfilled" email notification.ย 

There are a couple of ways this can be done, depending on whether it is a single order update or updating multiple orders at once.

(1) Batch Action - On the Orders list, check the boxes next to all orders to close, then click "Batch Actions" and select "Bulk Status Change." In the pop-up, change the order status to Fulfilled, toggle "Notify Purchaser" to Yes or No, then click Update.

โ€‹(2) Single Order - On the Fulfillment tab of the order, change the status to Fulfilled, toggle "Notify Purchaser" to Yes or No, then click Save.

  • Note: The "Notify Purchaser" option defaults to a Yes value. Be sure to change it to No (if desired) before clicking the Save button.

Canceling an Order

To cancel an Ecommerce order, please refer to the steps in this article: How to Cancel & Refund a Product Order

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