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Member-Initiated Renewals from the Member Compass
Member-Initiated Renewals from the Member Compass

Learn how members can process manual dues renewals from their Member Compass, including lapsed members who want to re-join.

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The vast majority of our Novi associations have renewals set up to automatically run, often weeks or months before a member expires. Because of this, it's rare that a member would need to process a renewal manually.

However, there are cases where manual renewal is useful, such as:

  • Auto-renewal for membership is disabled.

  • You have auto-renew turned off and a member would like to renew prior to their expiration date.

  • A member has lapsed for a certain period of time and has decided to come back and reinstate their membership.

In these scenarios, a person is able to renew their membership (or their company's membership) from within their Member Compass. 

Please note that manual renewals are only possible when:

  • There is no open dues invoice for the member. Open dues invoices must be taken care of before they can renew themselves.

  • The member is already expired, in a grace period, OR...

  • If auto-renewal is turned off, the "Allow member self-renewals within X days of expiration" setting in Association Settings is set up to allow the member to renew a certain number of days prior to their expiration.

Video: Manual Renewals Overview

Read more below to learn about these processes...

Step 1: Renew Now

The Member clicks "Renew Now" in the Member Compass:

Once they click the "Renew Now" link, they will be taken through the following three steps:

Step 2: Member Type

There is a setting in your Association Settings that allows the renewing member to change member types upon renewal, or of course, stay in the same member type they are currently in. 

  • If you would like to turn this setting on, navigate to Association Settings > Membership tab > Member Compass section > "Allow members to change member type upon renewal" checkbox in the admin side of the site.

  • Only member types that you have chosen to appear on the frontend will appear in their list to choose from (unless they are already in a hidden member type). 

  • Additionally, they will only see member types that apply to their current setup situation. For example, if John Smith is the primary contact of ABC Company, and the company is expired, John Smith can renew ABC Company. John Smith cannot, however, renew himself into an individual member type. But, if he was originally in an individual member type and his personal membership was expired, but he just so happened to also be under ABC Company, the opposite would be true.

Step 3: Key Info

The user will then be prompted to fill out the applicable Key Information fields, which are determined by your Member Field and Custom Field settings.

​Step 4: Checkout

Once the user fills out the appropriate information, they are then asked to checkout for the membership renewal.

Once the membership is successfully renewed, the member will be taken to their Member Compass where a success message will be displayed.

Important Items of Note:

  • For trade associations, only individuals with management access (Primary Contact/Billing Contact/Management Access) are permitted to renew their company's membership.

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