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Uploading Files to Novi AMS

Learn how to upload files to Novi from the backend (admin section).

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There are two sections in Novi where admins can store and manage the association's website files:

  • Novi Files - All files uploaded here are visible to the public.

  • Secure Files - Files uploaded here can be private or public, and downloads are tracked in a list on the backend.

Note: The maximum file size for uploaded files is 20MB. For larger files, we recommend embedding the files into your Novi website or linking to an external source such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Public vs Private Files


If a file does not need to be locked down to specific users and you don't need to track who views the file, we recommend uploading to Novi Files. Since Novi Files are public, this will result in faster download times for the frontend users because the system does not need to check if the user has permission to view the file. To upload a file to Novi Files, see steps in section below.


When a file is uploaded to Secure Files, it will be locked down by default to logged in users only. This setting can be changed if the file needs to be locked down to a specific group, or the file can be public.

On the other hand, if the file can be viewed by anyone but you want the system to track who downloads a public file (and when), you can upload to Secure Files and remove the "logged in users only" setting. Note that users who are not logged in will be listed as Anonymous in the View Log.

Important Note! Whether you use Novi Files or Secure Files, users can always download or screenshot these files and share them with others.

Novi Files

Upload New File

If you've determined a file should be uploaded to Novi Files, follow the steps below to add the file to your site:

1. On the backend, go to Static Content > Novi Files to open the modal

2. If the file should be saved in a folder, navigate to the folder or create a new folder

  • To create a new folder, click Create, then select Folder in the drop-down

3. Once you are in the appropriate folder, click the Upload button

4. Select the file(s) to be uploaded

  • To select multiple files at once (on a MAC): use Shift-click for contiguous files, Command (⌘)-click for nonadjacent files, or Command (⌘)-A to select all files

  • To select multiple files at once (on a PC): use Shift-click for contiguous files, Ctrl-click for nonadjacent files, or Ctrl-A to select all files

5. Click the Open button to upload the selected files

6. After all files have been uploaded, click the Close button to exit the Novi Files modal

File URL

The URL that is automatically created for the file begins with (e.g. To see and copy the URL:

1. Click on the checkbox next to the file name to select the file

2. Go to the Manage drop-down and select Info (see screenshot below)

3. Copy the URL and paste in an email, on a static page of your website, etc.

Important: Moving a File Location

If you need to move a file from one location to another within Novi Files, the URL to the file will also change. If the original URL was linked on your website or in an email, for example, the link will be broken and will need to be updated to the new URL.

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