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Managing Association Admins
Managing Association Admins

Where to find and manage admins within the Novi database.

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The Admin Users section of Novi allows you to:

  • View a list/report of all admins and page editors

  • Edit/remove privileges

  • Add new admins

This section provides a useful overview so you can keep track of who has access to what, and easily make edits as needed.

This article covers:

Where is the Admin Users section?

To access this section:

  • On the backend of your site, click the gear icon (top right)

  • In the drop-down menu, under Settings, click Admin Users

  • Note: Limited admins cannot access this page - only full association admins

What information is displayed in the Admin Users list?

The following information will show on this page, and the list can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers:

  • Name - This is the person's name and is a hyperlink to their record on the backend.

  • User Account Email - This is the email address the person uses to log in, which may or may not be the same as their contact email address. If their user account is removed, they will no longer have any privileges until a new account is created.

  • Role - This shows the person's level of privileges - Association Admin, Limited Admin Access, or Page Editor. For more information on these levels, see the sections above.

  • Page List - This column only has values for Page Editors and lists all of the pages they're allowed to edit.

  • Last Login - This shows the most recent date the person logged in to the website.

  • Action - The options in this column are Remove and/or Edit - see below for more details.

What happens when Remove or Edit is clicked in the Action column?

For Association Admins and Limited Admins:

  • The Remove link will change the person's role to a "regular user" with no privileges. A pop-up will appear so you can confirm the action.

  • The Edit link will open a modal where you can change their role from Association Admin to Limited Admin Access (or vice versa).

For Page Editors:

  • The Remove link will remove this person's access to edit all static pages they previously had access to. A pop-up will appear so you can confirm the action.

    Note: If they have access to multiple pages and you only want to edit their privileges on one page, you can edit the settings on that specific page (on the backend, go to Static Content > Folders & Pages > find the page and hover > then click the "Page Settings" link).

How can a new admin be created from the Admin Users page?

  • Once you've navigated to the Admin Users page, click the Add New Admin button (top right).

  • In the pop-up modal, start typing the person's name in the Member Record/Account field. Then select them from the drop-down.

  • The default setting is Association Admin, but you can select Limited Admin Access if appropriate. The AE Tip™ on the right side of the modal shows what Limited Admins cannot do.

  • Click the Save & Close button.

Note: While the Novi team will create initial admin accounts for your staff during the onboarding process, any further addition of admins will need to be handled by your staff using the steps above. The Novi team is unable to facilitate requests for new admin accounts via Intercom for security reasons.

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