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Membership Add Report

Track your membership growth (new joins and reinstated members) using the built-in Add Report.

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The Report

The Membership Add Report gives admins the ability to view and export a list of members who moved to a current status during a specific time period, allowing you to track association growth. The results can be exported and are displayed in two ways - a visual chart and a grid/list view of the data.

Note: "Adds" are based on the moment anyone moves to Current or Grace Period from any other status. For example, the moment you approve a member & their status becomes current, they are considered an "add".

The Benefits

  • Find out how many members have joined your membership roster (or reinstated) for any date range.

  • Watch for trends in membership.

  • Export the report to share with the board of directors.

View the Membership Add Report

  1. Go to the backend and click Reporting in the left sidebar.

  2. Then click Add Report.

You can also access a pre-filtered version of the Add Report via the Membership Change Summary Report.

Components of the Report

  1. The top section of this report is where you can adjust the filters. As the filters are changed, the report results below the filters will automatically update.

  2. Below that is the bar chart/graph - a visual representation of the data.

  3. The last section is the list/table view - a detailed breakdown of the members who were added to your membership roster.


The following filters can be used to customize the report results:

Report Period - sort by relative dates as well as a specific date range

  • This Month (this is 1/1 of the current month through today's date)

  • Last 3 Months (this is the default setting if all or most of your member types are setup as anniversary renewals)

  • Last 12 Months (this is the default setting if all or most of your member types are setup as calendar renewals)

  • Current Year (this is 1/1 of the current year through today's date)

  • Previous Year

  • Custom (enter specific start and end dates)

Group By - determines how the data will be displayed

  • Month

  • Quarter

  • Year

Member Type - determines which members to include in the report, based on their assigned member type

  • All Member Types (this is the default setting)

  • Custom (select one or multiple member types from the drop-down)


Based on the filters applied above, the report will show the following in the chart/graph:

  • Add # (y-axis) - the number of members added

  • Report Period (x-axis) - the report dates grouped by Month, Quarter, or Year

Clicking on a green bar in the chart will update the report filter to that time period.


When viewing the list/table, please note:

  • The default sort order is by Add Date, then by Member Name.

  • Using the search filter at the top of the list only updates the list view - it does not affect the chart results.

Display Columns

Some columns show by default, while others are available under the gear icon. To sort the report by a particular column, click on a specific column header.
โ€‹You can see a full list of the available columns here.

Additional Information

  • "Adds" are defined as anyone moving to Current or Grace Period from any other status.

  • The Add Report includes deleted records because this is a point-in-time report. So even though the record is deactivated today, it was active during the time period of the report.

  • A member could show up in the list multiple times if they joined/reinstated their membership more than once during the time period of the report.

Export the Add Report

The Add Report can be downloaded to a .pdf or .csv file by clicking the corresponding icon at the top right of the list.

  • PDF (printer icon) - drop-down offers two options:

    • Summary - exports the visual chart/graph data and includes information at the top of the PDF about which filters were applied

    • Details - exports the list/table data with only the columns that are shown in the list (use the gear icon to add more columns)

  • CSV (paper with an "x" icon) - drop-down offers two options:

    • All Fields - exports the data from all available columns

    • Visible Fields Only - exports only the columns that are shown in the list (use the gear icon to add or remove columns)

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