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Adding Content To Your Online Member Directories
Adding Content To Your Online Member Directories

Learn how to add custom content to your directory pages.

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Finalize your online member directories by customizing the frontend content.

From the main Directories list, click the View Frontend link to open the directory on the frontend.

Content Regions to Customize

Each directory has two editable content regions:

In addition to these areas, directories using the Category View also have editable content regions beneath each alphabet section:


Customize Unique, Filtered Pages

You can customize the header, sub-header and intro text on a filtered directory page to read different than the main directory page.

Directory Setup

To start, you'll want to be sure first that in your directory setup, you select under the Filter for Directory Categories the filter you will use to create unique landing pages within your directory. Also be sure to check this same filter as active under Filters.

For example, to customize the header for each pre-filtered directory page based on specific Areas of Expertise:

Add Unique Content on Filtered Directory Pages

Next, from the frontend view of your directory, filter to the desired member segment using the same filter as selected for Filter for Directory Categories. On each filtered page, you can update the header, sub-header and text to be unique to that directory page!

A quick way to be sure your changes will be unique to that page, the Admin Alert on the page will provide a message that changes to the page will apply only to the selected category.

After updating the header on the page (don't forget to save your changes!), when you click Clear Filters, it will return to the main directory page and default heading and intro content.

Content on the main directory page will be considered the default content settings and apply to all pages in the directory that are not already customized.

Note: If you remove or rename a custom field set of options that is being used as a Member Directory Filter, you will need to update custom content on these unique directory pages, as well.

Looking to add some non-dues revenue? Take advantage of these unique content regions! If looking for somewhere to place ad images on the site, your members can enjoy prime placement in front of their target audience. Note that images in these sections may need a quick bit of responsive code added to them.

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