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Manually Adding Credits for a Member in Novi
Manually Adding Credits for a Member in Novi

Learn how admins can add continuing education credits to member records without using a Novi event ticket.

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Whether you use Novi for all of your events or not, you can keep track of members' continuing education credits on their records. This allows admins and members to pull an education report for all credits earned - no matter where the event registration was hosted.

If you offer multiple categories of continuing education credits, you can add custom credit types to your site!

If you need to manually add credits to a member's record because the credit is not being earned via an event ticket in Novi, keep reading to learn how!

How to add Credits to a Member Record

Please Note: This process should only be used if the credits are not already being tracked on an event ticket within Novi. Also, credits entered using the steps below will automatically be considered as "earned" and will appear on continuing education reports.

1. Navigate to the person's record on the backend. Remember, only people can attend events and earn credits.

2. In the top right corner, click the New drop-down and select Activity.

3. In the "Add Activity" pop-up modal, enter the information below.

Activity Type

  • Click the Credit option.

  • Using this activity type will add an entry on the member timeline of the record and will also be listed as credits earned on their continuing education report.


  • Defaults to Credit, but you can change this if needed.


  • Enter the date the credit(s) were earned.


  • Optional field for additional information.

  • Text entered here will not show on the continuing education report.

Member Record

  • Confirm the correct person is selected.

  • Note that manual credits can only be added to existing member records (but their membership status does not matter). This means, if the person does not have a record yet you will need to create one before you can add this activity.

Credits Possible

  • Enter the number of credits the member can earn.

Credits Awarded

  • Enter the number of credits the member actually earned by participating in a course/activity.

Credit Types

  • Optional field - can be left blank.

  • You can select one or more types - note that only custom credit types that are set to Active will be available in this field.

  • This information will be included in the member's continuing education report.

  • Once all the information above has been added in the modal, click the Save & Close button.

  • To check your work, refresh the page and view the timeline to see the new credit entry.

  • If you need to make any changes, go to the Timeline tab and use the icons on the right side of the activity to edit or delete the entry.

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