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Roundtable: Get Ready for Renewals
Roundtable: Get Ready for Renewals

August 18, 2021

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During this roundtable, we shared best practices on what to do to get ready for renewal season!

Poll: We were curious to find out when our customers are running their renewals in Novi. Of the 32 participants in the poll...

  • 3% run them 30 days before the member's expiration date

  • 41% run them 60 days before

  • 41% run them 90 days before

  • 16% chose "other"

Respondents that answered "other" mentioned they chose this option because they have a longer time period (75 or 120 days), or it may vary by the membership type.


Know when your Renewals are set to run.

Knowing this allows you to make updates/changes before the system generates the renewal invoices.

Where do I find this? Go to Member Type Settings > click on the member type, then select Renewals tab. Look for "Run auto-renewals ___ day(s) before expiration date" under the Auto-Renewal section:

Bonus tip - consider adding this in your Novi Notes for future reference!

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Membership Auto-Renewals

Auto-Pay tips for membership renewals

Want to incentivize members to pay for their future renewals with their saved credit card? Create a discount in your dues rules for Auto Pay!

Condition: Auto-Pay equals Yes

Want to know who's opted in to Auto-Pay? Use a custom report!


Auto-Pay equals Yes

Membership Status equals Current

Recommended Columns to Display



Auto-Pay Charge Days After

Membership Expires

Member Communications

Customize your Renewal Notice email for each member type. It's a great place to remind them about the value of their membership.

Use Novi Groups to sync over your members who will be renewing soon into MailChimp or Constant Contact, and create a campaign to let them know the dues invoices will be coming soon! This is also a great opportunity to encourage your members to update their profiles. Use the links in the Member Compass to send them right there.

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