If your association has optional dues rules, you can decide which Member Types have the freedom to remove these additional charges from the frontend.

First, navigate to the Member Type in question. From there, go to the Due Rules Tab and Edit the optional dues item.

In the modal that appears, scroll down to the Optional section. There you will find the option to "allow members to remove optional dues items from invoices when paying via a smart invoice".

If this box is checked:

A trash can icon will appear next to this optional dues item when a member views their invoice in the Member Compass. Upon clicking this icon, the dues item will be removed.

If this box is unchecked:

The trash can icon will not appear, meaning members cannot delete this optional dues item.

Remember to Save & Close after you make your decision!

Will members be allowed to remove optional Product Add-ons as well?

As of now, this applies to optional Dues Rules items only.

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