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Members can whitelist an association's "from" email address if they are not receiving emails
Members can whitelist an association's "from" email address if they are not receiving emails

Learn how an association member can whitelist an association's domain to reduce the chance that emails are sent to spam.

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If a member tells you that they did not receive one or more emails from your Novi site, your first step should be to read our "A member says they aren't receiving Novi emails from my site. What should I do?" article. This explains what's going on behind the scenes with your site's emails and gives suggestions on how to remedy the situation.

Almost every time, the issue is on the receiving end - meaning the email was sent to the member from your site, but their server is blocking it for one reason or another. In the original article, we mention that your member may want to contact their IT department if that's an option. 

Have members whitelist your Novi email address

Another option would be for them to "Whitelist" your Novi "from" email address. This essentially puts your email on their provider's "safe senders" list. Depending on who their email provider is, there are a few general steps that you can send them to do so: 


  1. Go to your Settings.

  2. Click on filters and Blocked Addresses.

  3. Create a new filter.

  4. Add the Novi site email to the "from" section.

  5. Select "never send to spam."

  6. Save and resend the email from Novi.


  1. In your email preferences, choose "Junk."

  2. In the "Safe Senders" box, add the "from" email address.

  3. Resend the email from Novi.


  1. Go to your email settings.

  2. Add a new filter.

  3. Enter the "from" address in the sender field.

  4. Select "Inbox" as the folder to deliver the emails

  5. Save and resend the email from Novi.

Additional Steps

Once they have whitelisted your email address, they may receive your emails in their spam/clutter folder as an extra precaution from their server. If you find that after doing these things they are now receiving your emails, ask them to do two more things to ensure that this does not happen again:

  1. Ask them to add you to their email contacts.

  2. If their emails end up coming through in their Spam or Clutter inbox, ask them to mark your emails as NOT spam.

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