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Create a Month-to-Month Membership Option for Members
Create a Month-to-Month Membership Option for Members

Give members a flexible renewal option

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In Novi, each member type has its own name, benefits flow, dues rules, and renewal settings. Associations may want to create flexible payment options for their members and allow for monthly or quarterly memberships. By using the Display Name for Directories field in a member type, admins are able to create a membership that renews monthly or quarterly while also keeping the member type's display name in directories consistent with the annual member type.

This article covers month-to-month memberships, not a yearly membership paid monthly. For a yearly membership paid monthly, please see our guide on recurring transactions.

Month-to-month member type workflow in Novi:

Step 1: Copy Existing Member Type

On the backend, copy an existing member type in Members > Member Types and under the Action column, click "Copy Member Type" to copy over all member type settings including the color code, dues rules, benefits flow, and renewal settings. To start from scratch, create a new member type.

Step 2: Update Member Type Details

Update the member type Name and Display Name for Directories fields. This allows admins to name the new member type in a way that indicates it is month-to-month on the member signup application (ex: Member Type - Monthly) and then seamlessly rename the member type display name in directories to mask the monthly status of the member type.

The Membership Information Page and Member Compass Details may need to be updated depending on the language included in these fields.

Step 3: Update Dues Rules

A copied member type will need updates to the dues rules so that they are proportional to the membership term being offered. For month-to-month memberships, divide the annual amount of the dues rules by 12 (or 4 for quarterly memberships). Note that some associations choose to charge a higher rate for month-to-month/quarterly memberships.

Step 4: Check Product Add-Ons

Check product add-ons to ensure that yearly PAC or foundation donations are not being billed to the month-to-month membership and adjust the product as needed.

Step 5: Update Renewal Settings

Adjust the the renewals so that the expiration reflects a monthly, quarterly, or other term needed for the membership.

The Anniversary of the member type should be reflective of the member type's renewal cadence. Month-to-month would expire after 1 Month(s). Quarterly would expire after 4 Month(s).

Under the Renewal tab, it is recommended to use “Auto-renew, unless member opts out and “Automatically email renewal notices/invoices when invoice is created” settings to reduce administrative burden and allow the member type to auto-renew at the cadence set in the Anniversary setting. Next, update “Run auto-renewals”, “Charge auto-pay cards”, “Dues Invoices” dates, and Renewal Email Notices to reflect a monthly renewal.

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Step 6: Test New Member Type

Test the new membership on the frontend by impersonating a member and walking through the new member signup process.

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