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Committee Reporting and Engagement Tracking
Committee Reporting and Engagement Tracking

Gather information on committee engagement and more information throughout the admin!

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In addition to looking at committee member information within the committee itself, find more information on committee terms in a few different spots: on member record Enagement tabs, the activity timeline, the Committee Terms Report, and the Engagement Report.

Member Records

Engagement Tab

In a specific person or company's record, view their committee involvement under the Engagement tab.

Visit the Committees subtab, where you'll see each unique term for this member listed individually. You can filter to view terms for the members or related members, edit terms under the Action column and, print/export the list of terms from here, and more!

Activity Timeline

Committee involvement is also logged on a member's activity timeline! When a committee term begins, ends, or the committee member becomes ineligible, an activity is logged:

This also rolls up to the larger Activity Timeline report, if you'd like to see this data across all records.

Committee Terms Report

For a glimpse at committee terms across all records, visit the Committee Terms Report under the Reporting tab.

You can search for a particular term by member, role, or committee name. Alternatively, use the filters to narrow the report down to a specific committee, committee categories, roles, member types, and more.

You can also Add a Committee Member Term directly from this report as a shortcut.

Member Engagement

The member engagement report calculates engagement among members based on their participation in events, purchase of products, and/or committee involvement.

Keep in mind, this report only shows dues-paying members, meaning those records with a member type.

So, if your members are companies, you won't see individual people in this list. What you'll find is a roll-up - so, if ABC Company is a member, and John Smith is staff of ABC Company and has participated in a committee, ABC Company will show as having committee engagement within the filtered date range.

Creating Groups Based on Committee Involvement

Sometimes, you may need to create groups based on committee involvement. Whether it's for an integration or segmenting members dependent on multiple factors (not just committees), there are two conditions you can look for in your group setup: Committee Name and Committee Role.

Committee Name allows you to create group conditions based on someone's current, historic, future, or lack of involvement on a committee.

"Currently serving on" only includes eligible members.

"Historically served on" does not care about eligibility or completion of a term. No matter what, they historically served.
โ€‹"Will serve in the future on" does not care about eligibility of a term. No matter what, they have not yet served.

Committee Role allows you to create group conditions based on whether or not someone has served in that role on any committee. This condition ignores terms and eligibility status - itโ€™s having that role in any term, any status, at any time.

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