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Event Comparison Report

View a side-by-side comparison of event performance for two events.

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The Report

The Event Comparison Report allows you to compare event to event, or the same event from year to year, in terms of total attendees, capacity, budget, and revenue.

Once an event has passed, this can be a great report to pull and send to the event committee and board of directors.

When using this report it will populate a graph and data table, which can be exported as a PDF file.

View the Event Comparison Report

  1. Go to the backend and click Reporting in the left sidebar.

  2. Then click on Event Comparison.

  3. When the report opens, select an event in the first drop-down.

  4. Then select a different event in the second drop-down.

  5. Once selected, a graph and data table will automatically populate below these fields.

Exporting the Report

The Event Comparison report can be exported to a .pdf file by clicking the printer icon at the top right of the report. This will include the graph and tables.

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