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Getting Started: A Guide To Events in Novi AMS
Getting Started: A Guide To Events in Novi AMS
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Learning a new software system can seem a little overwhelming, but hopefully a little exciting too. We've created a "Getting Started" guide for each section of the system so that you can feel comfortable navigating Novi in no time.

Should you have any questions, we're only a click of the "blue bubble" away (bottom-right).

We're excited to have you as part of the Novi fam! And with that, let's dive in!

Event Lifecycle in Novi



You're putting together an awesome event or training, and now you need to get it in the Novi system.

Let's get started! When you create an event in Novi, you'll want to consider some details:

Once your basic details are in, you'll want to set up your event tickets. Some of your tickets may be straight-forward, while others may need to be dialed in. A couple of things to consider:


Registration happens in one of two ways:

Once registration has kicked off, you'll need to manage those registrations from time to time:

And keep yourself organized and ready for event day with Event Attendee Lists that can be downloaded or printed.


Following the success of your event, you can build on your members' experience, sending them a post-event survey or link to event photos. You'll want to track your data to plan for next year.


Once you've got the above basics down, dive deeper into how events work.

>> More Articles and Help are right this way!

Event Sponsorship

Sponsorships are important to your event budget and provide ways to engage your members and offer the benefit of visibility. Novi has some features in its event set up to help promote your sponsorships:

Event Basics and 101

Below are some basic articles we recommend that you review to help you perform some of the more common actions within Novi.

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