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What's New at Novi: Early January 2024
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Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new below!

🌴 Novi Summit is NEXT MONTH!

Novi AMS invites you to join us for workshops, group sessions, roundtable discussions, and opportunities to network and connect at our annual conference: Novi Summit!

πŸŽ₯ Missed the Committees Demo? Watch the Recording!

At the end of 2023, we released our Committees Module and held a live demo for Novi customers to see the module work in real-time and answer questions from attendees. If you weren't able to make the demo or are ready for a refresher, check out the article below!

What's New at Novi: Early January 2024

Membership Updates

πŸ“Œ Pin Important Activities on the Activity Timeline

Have an important activity that would benefit all admins to see when looking at a record? Pin the activity to ensure everyone who works on the backend sees pertinent info!

✏️ Create Custom Activities for Your Activity Timeline!

If your association has unique types of activities that are logged to the Activity Timeline frequently, custom activities can now be created to quickly add them to timelines!

Add your custom activity type:

And it will show as an activity option:

☎️ Search Member List By Phone Number

The Member List search field can be searched using telephone numbers to make it even easier to find matching records and spot duplicates faster!

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Members List

πŸ‘₯ Filter Member List to Multiple Member Types

The Filter button in the Member List View is multi-select, meaning you can filter down to multiple member types - perfect for reviewing records across multiple member types without a group or report!

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Members List

πŸ‘€ Change the Name Order in Member List View

Novi's List Views default to show the Display Name of individual records, but now associations who need a different view of individuals such as Last Name, First Name can make that update in their Association Settings under the Membership tab.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: A Guide to Association Settings

Functionality Updates

πŸ”„ Recalculation Skips Invoices That Cannot Be Recalculated

Sometimes there's a need to recalculate all open invoices, but some invoices don't qualify for recalculation (like invoices that have been edited in QuickBooks Online). When recalculating, Novi will skip those invoices that do not qualify and continue recalculating the ones that do qualify, saving you time!


πŸ’» API Users Can Enable Company Employee Signup Protections for Records

Customers can now enable a setting to allow records that are created via specific APIs to be checked against signup protections (when enabled on a site).

Curious how Novi decides what features to make a reality?
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