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Restore Previous Content on a Page

Learn how to restore content on your website if you accidentally save changes

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Whether you've unintentionally saved a change, realized you prefer a previous version of a page, or have accidentally overwritten content on a page - it's possible to restore your earlier work.

Use the Restore Content Button

Note: The Restore Content button will only be available for some content areas on the site, not all. See more details.

To Restore Content:

  1. Click on the Recent Revisions icon (backwards clock icon) in the admin bar.

  2. Look for the content area that was edited, then click on Revision History. This will display a pre-filtered version of the Audit Log.

  3. Use the Click for details link under the New Value column to review and confirm which content should be restored, then click the Restore Content button.

  4. Refresh the original page to see restored content.

Where Restore Content is Available

The Restore Content button functionality is available using the revision history for the:

  • Homepage

  • Static pages

  • Title/Subtitle

  • Event calendar page

  • Directory main page

  • Blog list

  • Cart

  • Footer

And available when searching/filtering the audit log for:

Using Source Code

When the Restore Content button is not available (for example, on Event Registration pages), there are still revision histories saved in the audit log.

Follow the steps above to find the revision history, but instead export the revision history to Excel. This allows the original content's Source Code to be downloaded.

HTML code for the original content will be available in the downloaded Excel sheet to copy and paste back into the content area using Tools > Source Code.

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