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Troubleshooting Novi Email Deliverability in Outlook
Troubleshooting Novi Email Deliverability in Outlook

Steps to take if your staff or member(s) using Outlook are not receiving transactional emails from Novi.

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Figuring out exactly why you're not receiving an email can sometimes turn into a rabbit hole, but troubleshooting the problem doesn't need to be a hassle. Thankfully, Outlook gives users a way to determine whether or not emails are failing, and if so, how to combat the situation.

Step 1: Run A Message Trace

A message trace will show you the status of emails that have been sent to you - if you are having trouble receiving emails, you'll want to check for emails that have a status of "Failed." 

To run a message trace, follow these steps:

1. Head to your Office 365 Admin Center
2. Navigate to Exchange in the left navigation bar

3. You will now see the admin center dashboard. Select Mail Flow in the left navigation.
4. Once there, enter in the sender (your "From" email address) and recipient (the member's email) addresses in the bottom section and click Search on the bottom right.

4. The message trace results will show you the time the email was sent, the sender, the recipient, the email subject and the email status. If you see failed emails, further action is needed. Continue on to "Change your Settings."

Step 2: Change Your Settings

If your message trace shows that many of your emails are failing, you will need to update your spam settings. What's most likely happening is that something triggered Outlook to mark emails coming from Novi as spam. A few examples might be: the emails were being ignored, unopened, deleted, etc. The important thing to remember here is that if you want Outlook to know that a sender is "good," be sure to engage with their emails.

Once you've determined that you have an issue, you'll want to create a mail flow rule to have these messages bypass spam filtering.

  1. As you did in the section above, navigate to Mail Flow in the Outlook Admin.

  2. Click Rules.

  3. Click the + to create a new rule.

  4. Select "Bypass spam filtering..."

  5. In the "Apply this rule if..." section, choose the condition that will best apply to your situation. For example, "The Sender" > "Address includes any of these words" > (enter your association's From email address)

  6. Give the rule a name and save.

You should now be receiving Novi emails again.

Note: This change can take 15-20 minutes to fully update.

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