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Post-Launch Help articles:

  1. Emailing Invoices from Novi
  2. Creating a new company or individual record in Novi
  3. Merging records
  4. A member says they aren't receiving Novi emails from my site. What should I do?
  5. Understanding the User Login Screen
  6. Common User Account Creation Errors
  7. Tips for getting your members to create their User Accounts
  8. My member called and wants to know how to create his password/user account. Where should I direct them? To this page on your own site: /news/welcome-to-the-new-acronym-website
  9. Website Content (front-end) Best Practices and Uses
  10. How to add and edit content on the frontend of your website
  11. Non-Renew & Credit Process (how to drop unpaid members)
  12. Recent Signups List Overview
  13. Daily Digest Email Overview
  14. Getting Started: A Guide for New Association Staff
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