View Specific Attendee Record

To view specific records on the attendee list of an event, click on the Attendee's name and it'll take you to that attendee's record.

Filter Attendee List

Use the general filter on the Attendee List to filter the list by Ticket Type. This particular field is a multi-select filter.

This functions very similarly to the multi-select custom field functionality. Simply select the tickets you'd like to view attendees for using the Filter, and the list will update for you! No need to create a custom report or sort in Excel! To remove a selection, click on it and click "Delete" on your keyboard.

You can also filter by Payment Status.

Add/Remove Display Columns

To add or remove columns from your attendee list, click the gear icon (top right of the list). A drop-down list will appear, where you can check the box for each column you want to view. In addition to the standard attendee & purchaser information, you can also select event-related custom fields.

Please note the following:

  • If the attendee or purchaser's name is displayed as a hyperlink, this means the purchaser was logged in and the attendee was selected from a record in your database. Clicking on these links will take you to the corresponding member record. If an attendee's name is not linked to their member record, follow the steps in this article to update the registration.
  • The Discount column is only for Promo Codes - it does not apply to registrations that are entered by an admin with "Charge for Registration" toggled to Off.
  • The Price Paid does not include tax - it's the amount charged for the ticket itself.

To print an attendee list for a specific event, click on the printer icon in the top right section of the list.

Export Attendee List

To export an attendee list to a CSV file, click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with an "X".

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