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Continuing Education in Novi

Managing credit types, instructors, and education reports

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From creating new credit types to printing a member's education report, here's the full flow for managing continuing education in Novi:

Creating/Editing Credit Types

All of your credit types can be found under Events > Credit Types. You can find the full instructions for setting up credit types here.

Managing Instructors

The Instructors list is also located under the Events tab. You can designate any records on this list as the Instructor for particular event tickets.

Additionally, Instructors have an extra field in their member profile where they can enter their signature. This signature can then appear on credit certificates associated with events they've led.

Awarding Credits to Members

After creating credit types and/or identifying your instructors, you can start awarding credits to members in two ways:

  • Attaching credits to event tickets

  • Manually adding credits to a member record

Attaching Credits to Event Tickets

In the first scenario, you simply attach credits to particular event tickets. Then, anyone who...

  1. Purchases a ticket with credits

  2. Gets marked as attended post-event

...will automatically receive the associated credits!

Manually Adding Credits to a Member Record

If you need to award credits that aren't associated with an event, you'll need to do it manually from the member's timeline. Learn how to manually add credits here.

Emailing/Printing Education Reports

After a member receives credits, they will have an education report that is accessible from both their Member Compass (on the frontend) and their member record (on the backend). This will contain information on which credits they've earned, as well as which instructor - if any - supervised the process.

You can find the full instructions for emailing/printing education reports here.

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