The Activity Timeline and Task Center features allow you to easily track changes, updates, and communications relating to your members.

While some activities are tracked automatically (things like renewals, drops, etc.), you can also add activities for your communication-related notes and to-dos including calls, meetings, emails, and more.

To add a new activity, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click to Add Your New Activity

There are various places you can do this, including:

  • From the "Quick Create" plus sign at the top of every admin page
  • From the Activity Timeline plus sign on the right-hand side
  • On a member record under the New button
  • From the Task center with the "New Task" button
  • From the Task Center in the plus sign on the right-hand side

Step 2: Enter Your Activity Details

No matter which route you select above, you'll be shown the Add Activity modal below.

Once you're shown the modal, simply:

  • Select your Activity Type (Note, Task, Meeting, Call, or Email).
  • Enter a subject for the activity, if necessary.
  • Select a date. You can select today's date, or past/future dates.
  • Enter in your applicable notes. Remember that you can search by these notes in the Activity Timeline!
  • Finally, fill in the applicable fields at the bottom of the modal:

    - The Member Record attached to the activity or task is the record that you'll see this task on. This will be automatically filled out if you add a custom activity directly from a record.

    - The Contact field is meant for you to track who within a company is the contact for this activity (ex: I need to email John Smith from ABC Company about the company's membership). Therefore, this field only shows when the member record is a company.

    - Tasks include an additional Assigned To field that allows you to assign tasks to an association staff member.
  • Don't forget to save your work!


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