A Brief Background on Account Signup

Novi gives you the choice to allow or not allow non-member account signup, which means that you have the option to allow individuals to create a login on the website without having any member benefits. 

Some associations allow non-member signup for things like easier tracking of non-member guest event registration for individuals who come to multiple events, but aren't members. 

Some associations want only the staff of current members in their database, so they don't want to allow this type of signup. 

Both are perfectly valid scenarios.

Your scenario is a little different than these...

For your scenario - where you have a member type(s) in which benefits are limited to only a certain number of staff - we handle this a little differently, for a few reasons:

  • All new signups under these companies are considered non-members until you (an admin) select them for benefits.

  • If we followed the typical rules in this scenario and you weren't allowing non-members, new staff members would not be able to create a login at all. If you were allowing non-members, the messaging they see wouldn't quite apply to them.

What happens when a staff member creates an account?

What happens in this case is that individuals creating an account under such a company will be able to create an account regardless of the setting - still a non-member account at first.

The primary contact of the company will receive an email when a new account is created under their company and should reach out to you if that new staff member should have benefits so that you can make the update on their record. 

Those without benefits will retain their account login, but have no special privileges, benefits or pricing on the site.

Learn more about account creation here.

Note: This will only apply to individuals attempting to create an account under a company in a member type where the number of staff getting benefits is limited. Individuals choosing a non-member parent in other member types, or individuals choosing no parent will still not be able to create an account if you do not allow non-member signups.

What can members see regarding their staff?

The primary contact of a company or a staff member with management access can view the staff list of their direct parent company. 

These individuals can see who is currently receiving benefits from the company and who is not, so they can then contact the association to give or remove benefits to or from the appropriate staff members, within your limit of how many staff members can receive benefits from a company.

The Member Status column will show them who on their staff is receiving benefits and who is not.

The statuses will appear as follows:

Inheriting - Staff members who are receiving benefits from their company.

Non-Members - Staff members who are not receiving benefits from their company.

Other member statuses may also appear in the list if an individual has their own member type, but is underneath the company member. These individuals do not count toward the number of staff receiving benefits from the company since they have their own individual membership.

Learn more about Novi member statuses.

Please Note: Members cannot give or remove benefits to other staff members. An association admin must make those changes. This is to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the feature (though we'd all like to hope this wouldn't happen, it's a safeguard for your association from deceitful behavior). 

For example, if we allowed this, the primary contact could hypothetically give benefits to one staff member, register them for an event at the member price, move the benefits to another staff member, register them at the member pricing, etc. Not ideal, right?

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