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How to Cancel & Refund a Product Order
How to Cancel & Refund a Product Order

Steps to cancel an Ecommerce order in Novi and update the transaction in QuickBooks Online (if applicable).

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When needing to cancel an order that was purchased through Novi's Ecommerce store, follow the steps below to update Novi and QuickBooks Online.

Please Note: If the product was purchased as an add-on to an event registration or new member signup and it did not require fulfillment, skip to Step 2 below. This is because an "order" was not created and therefore will not be included in the Orders list (as described in Step 1).

1) Cancel the Order in Novi

  • Click on the Orders tab in the Ecommerce section.

  • Next, click on the Order # to be cancelled.

  • This will open a new page with the order details.

  • On the Fulfillment tab, in the Order Status drop-down, set the status to Canceled.

  • Click the Save button.

2) Update the Transaction in QuickBooks Online

Step 1 will only change the order's status in Novi, it will not change the financials. You will need to update the transaction itself inside of QuickBooks Online to take care of that step. That could mean processing a refund if the product was paid for by credit card, or crediting the invoice if the customer was invoiced for the product.

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