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Event Import - Tickets
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Now that you've set up your events in their spreadsheet, it's time to move on to tickets!

Tickets in Novi are what we use to differentiate the types of registrations you have for each of your events. For example, you may have member tickets, non-member tickets, early-bird tickets, etc.

Each of your events that you will be importing attendees into will need a ticket(s) attached. 

Importing tickets allows you to see that John Smith didn't just go to your event, but that he registered as a member for the event, for example. However, some associations don't necessarily feel the need to get into that level of detail with historic event info, and that's totally fine! Maybe you just want to see that John Smith was registered. In that case, you'll still need to import a ticket, but it can just be one ticket per event, named something like "Registration" at $0.

Video - Tickets Spreadsheet for Event Import

Watch the video above for a guide to the tickets spreadsheet for an event import. For a more detailed description of each column in text, read on below!

Ticket Import Columns

Below, we'll dive into the columns listed in a ticket import spreadsheet. Each section represents a column that can be imported via an Excel spreadsheet. Required columns are noted as such. The order listed below is the preferred order of the columns.

Remember, events and attendees will be in their own, separate sheets.

Ticket ID

*Required. All tickets will need their own unique IDs. You won't see this ID again - it's solely for import. Most commonly, the event name + the ticket name is used for the ID for ease (Fall Conference Member). We can handle this column if you're unsure.

Event ID

*Required. This is the unique ID that you gave your event in the first spreadsheet. Remember that most associations use the event's name as the ID for ease. Each event needs a ticket(s) if you will be importing attendees into it.

Ticket Name

*Required. 50 character max. This is the name of the ticket at it should appear in Novi. This is where you'd distinguish between member, non-member, early-bird, spouse, etc. (Or, refer to the scenario where you don't need this level of detail in the opening section.)


*Required. This is the price of the particular ticket at hand. If you do not have this information, put 0. Remember - event imports do not touch, create, or affect transactions. We ask for this information so that if you will be registering people for the event via Novi in the future, this is already there.

QuickBooks Item

This is the QuickBooks Item that the ticket will be attached to, so if you have people register for the event in the future, the system knows where the money goes. This can be added or updated inside of Novi later. This is mainly only used for tickets on events that have not happened yet.


If you track Continuing Education Units, add a column to your spreadsheet called CEUs and add the value of how many credits this particular ticket is worth.

CEU Type

If you offer Continuing Education Units and offer multiple different "types" or "categories," enter the applicable type(s) for the ticket in this column. If CEU Types have already been set up on your staging site, the name must match exactly what is in the Ticket spreadsheet. If there is not a match, the system will create the new CEU Type during the import process.

Custom Fields

You may add columns to this spreadsheet to represent any custom fields that you need to import relating to events. (To clarify - only events that you are importing. You can always add new custom fields later.) 

For example:

  • You may need to collect information about Dietary Restrictions on a particular event ticket.

  • Add a column named Dietary Restrictions, and add a "Yes" (or "True") next to any ticket that should have this field on it.

  • Make sure other tickets that should not have this field are left blank in this column.

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